Hola hola November! This is our new chart on @Beatport. Enjoy our selection of fav tracks at this moment!

  1. Paolo Martini - Getcha (Original Mix) [Paul's Boutique]
  1. Re.you - Work It Now (Original Mix) [Cacao Records]
  1. Sergio Fernandez - Urano Beatz (Original Mix) [Snatch! Records]
  1. Cozzy D - Cozzy's Groove (Original Mix) [VIVa MUSiC]
  1. Rafa Barrios - Savayah (Original Mix) [Stereo Productions]
  1. Ronnie Spiteri - Voice In My Head (Original Mix) [Mobilee Records]
  1. Apollo 84, Atove - Lightyear (Original Mix) [NONSTOP]
  1. Danny Serrano, Alexander Aurel - Collapse (Original Mix) [Leena Music]
  1. Level Groove - Rokin Straat (Original Mix) [Stereo Productions]
  1. DJ Preston - Into The Light (Original Mix) [NONSTOP]