Miami Music Week 2017 After Movie

Here is our Miami Music Week after movie! We had an amazing experience and we wanted to share it with the world! Thank you to everyone involved in this amazing journey, gracias a la familia Stereo Productions, y sobre todo gracias a los fans que siempre nos visitan y hacen que todo esto sea posible! Nos vemos […]

Japan Tour 2017!

Two years after our last visit to the Land of the Rising Sun, we are looking forward to play again in some of the best underground clubs in the country. For us it’s always a pleasure to travel around the world and watch how music is capable of drawing people together from many different cultures, creating a beautiful […]

Interview at Neon Owl

How to resume more than 20 years of friendship? Well it was a pleasure to talk to Kim about our long musical partnership, so many good memories come to our minds. You can read the Neon Owl full article right here. And now check the interview: