We are proud to be part of the history of this classic track!

In 1997 Gianni Bini, Paolo Martini & Fulvio Perniola produced 'Got to dance disco' under the moniker of 'The Groovelines' sing by Fritz McIntyre, an historical member (co-writer and keyboards) of the legendary band Simply Red! The track quickly became an anthem in the underground circuit and still over the years, as you can count multiply links on YouTube with hundreds thousands views. After 20 years we thought to give a new life to the track with 4 different great remixes - Chus & Ceballos, Simone Vitullo, David Aurel, Baum -

Over the last 20 years the track has been remixed so many times (officially and not) but there's only one remix that stands out and contributed to the fame of the track and it's the incredible one done back in '97 from Decoy & Peter Ramson, which got still plays today from stars as Adriatique and Solomun and included in the release as well, for those who doesn't know.

Coming out on July 14th!